Vieques Island & Puerto Rico

So we set off to hit some Southern Caribbean Islands starting with Puerto Rico and Vieques Island, since we are tropic specialists, every year we add new islands to our portfolio to visit.
We feel very strongly about personally traveling from Island to Island to give our clients first hand knowledge, we know its a hard job but someone has to do it!!

San Juan, Puerto Rico Island

San Juan, Puerto Rico

First Island was Puerto Rico, this is a pretty big island to explore so we spent a several days there and traveled our way through, from Old San Juan with its cobblestone streets to the modern city of San Juan and its beach towns to the lush rain forests and their beautiful out islands, we will try our best to virtually travel you through with us………

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


Our first stop was Old San Juan, with its historic past, cobblestone streets and distinctive Spanish architecture, this was a real treat!
It has shaded courtyards, lively cafe’s and designers boutiques and highly regarded galleries,  you kind of feel like you stepped into what I think of a little European town? (keep in mind we are tropic specialists not Europe specialists!) lol
Its now thought of as a real modern world capital, where the old world meets the new.


Condabo Beach, Puerto Rico

Condabo Beach, Puerto Rico

Next stop, one of my favorites, to check out the most popular beach areas! Puerto Rico is blessed with hundreds of miles of sandy beaches.
Condado Beach, which is one of the most popular, right in the heart of Puerto Rico and is the backyard playground of Condado’s resort hotels, also close to restaurants, shops, pubs etc…
The beaches along Isla Verde Avenue, have white sand, palm trees, ocean breezes, beautiful bodies, and plenty of bars and eateries. In between the two neighborhoods is Ocean Park, with its wide beaches and tree-lined streets…just to name a few in San Juan area.

Gran Melia

Gran Melia, club level, PR

Gran Melia, Club Level Pool, Puerto Rico

Gran Melia, Puerto Rico

Now, lets hop on over to the other side of the island, which is spread-out more and has a remote, slower pace feel to it!
We stayed at Coco Beach, where we were graciously invited by the Grand Melia Resort, club style! I can’t say enough good about this beautiful property, in my opinion its a great location for a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon, the beach is more private and
located much more remote, pretty much by themselves surrounded by beautiful Coco Beach and Donald Trump’s lush golf courses! There is something for everybody there, if you want to be a little more private and pampered opt for the Club side of the resort, where you will get special amenities like private cocktails and snacks and full daily breakfasts as well as special VIP pool amenities like Bali beds and a butler at your becking call, trust me, the extra $ is well worth it!

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico

The W Resort and Spa, Vieques

The W Resort and Spa, Vieques

Vieques Island Hopper

Vieques Island Hopper

Next stop, my personal favorite, Vieques Island! I love to island hop and Puerto Rico is a very nice island to do that from, you can either take ferry or little hopper over, which we did, love love love it, beautiful scenery you fly over and its only about 15 minute flight to this little island paradise!
We were invited and picked up at the airport by the famous W Resort & Spa, which by the way I fell completely in LOVE with, its the perfect size with a boutique feel and oceanfront with white sand beach, beautiful rooms, amazing oceanfront dining and a infinity pool to die for!!!!!
I’m completely in love with this island, after visiting the entire island of Vieques we decided to put it on our top 10 honeymoon list, and of course highly recommend staying at the W Resort, we made some great contacts there that promise to VIP our couples as well!
Vieques island is so quaint, its only 21 miles long and 4 miles wide, its fun little island. You see horses just roaming the island, sometimes in the road or at the beach, you never know where you might see them, scooters, bikes and jeeps seem to be the main mode of transportation there.
There are 2 cute little main towns on the island, Esmeralda which is known for their fishing and boardwalk along the beach on the southside and Isabel is the capital located on the northside of the island.
I have to say, I will definitely be back, I met some locals who I’m sure will be long time friends, I left another piece of my heart on this beautiful island paradise!

Vieques Island - Resort Beach

Vieques Island


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