Is Virtual Reality the next big travel trend?

Virtual Reality Travel

“Transport clients into the trip of the dreams and close the sale!”

We here at Virtual Honeymoon know that Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big travel trend!
Virtual Reality used in the travel industry has the capacity to literally transform the way travel agents market destinations across the globe.

Imagine, Virtual Reality transporting your clients virtually to any destination, where they can experience the sights, sounds, everywhere they look is a different scene, like standing in the middle of a live video in the destination!

We have already seen travel agents doubling their bookings that are using Virtual Reality to close the sales.

While we were speaking at a past travel event to room full of travel agents, we explained Virtual Reality this way;
remember years ago when we only had traditional travel agents and their was no internet based travel sites, so clients had to come meet with a travel agent to help them book their travel?
Well, those same agents that didn’t get online when the internet took over, like expedia, orbitz, etc… they lost bookings and clients to the internet!
They couldn’t think outside the box and refused to believe that they would lose business to the internet, those same closed minded agents are now out of business!!

From internet travel sites to Virtual Reality, its going to be a similar scenario!
The travel agents that don’t embrace virtual reality technology and let their clients pre-experience a destination their interested in, are going to be left behind!
Sure they may stay in business with their older clientele,  but they are not going to grow their business and capture those next generation of travelers that want to be involved in planning their travel.

Virtual Reality is perfect for the adventure traveler, it gets them excited to see and feel what it looks like to say, zipline through jungle while hearing sounds of waterfalls,
like wise for those couples that can’t afford to travel to the destination ahead of time to plan their wedding and of course those honeymooners that have no idea where to go. was based on VR technology, our software uses algorithm to search & match destinations,  combining 360*Virtual Reality technology, we are revolutionizing the way SMART AGENTS sell travel!