Virtual Honeymoon is born!

Virtual Honeymoon

 “God given vision is born!” is a God given vision, and was born out of years of frustration in working in the glorious world of Travel.
I’m incredibly passionate about working with couples in planning their dream come true honeymoon! My heart thrills to see couples in love and I am blessed when they come home from their honeymoon even more in love.   The idea that by designing their fantasy honeymoon, I contribute to their newlywed happiness, makes me happy! “It’s not about the money; it’s about creating experiences of wonder and romance on the most important trip of their life.”
 Most couples desire sunny beaches and a magical place to make long lasting memories together. Beyond that, many are just not sure where to go. Some want pure relaxation and others wild adventure or local culture.  How does the couple find the perfect destination match? The internet, although great for researching, does not do a good job in “matching” destinations to couples likes and dislikes.
For years, this was a frustration for me. I longed for a tool to share with my clients, giving them a birds-eye view of each destination so they could see what I personally saw when visiting the area. I would go to bed frustrated, thinking and praying, how can I help couples make this perfect match?  

Well, careful what you wish for…..
Robin Hawkey - Ferry BoatLet me tell you the story… One  morning, very early, I was woken up with a clear vision in my head saying, “Virtual Honeymoon” (I’m not a morning person; don’t talk to me before 8am.)  Not happy that I couldn’t go back to sleep, I ignored the thought, got up and started my day early.  This went on for a good week, every morning at 6:00AM, I awoke with the same exact vision “Virtual Honeymoon”.  After ignoring it for a week, I was exhausted. I thought, maybe, I should research this to see what virtual honeymoon was all about.  I could not find nothing online; it didn’t make any sense. Then I thought, was this a vision from God? Should I listen; should I tell anyone; will they think I’ve finally lost my mind? LOL.  So, I finally told my best friend Barbara, of 40+ years (she knows me better than anyone, and would tell me if I was going nuts) what was happening every morning. She proceeded to tell me that this was a GOD given vision! She advised me to purchase the name “Virtual Honeymoon” immediately and let the exciting journey begin. And did it ever begin! Subsequently, instructions and answers started flooding my head and heart every morning on what to do and how to build this “interactive honeymoon tool” step by step!  I then realized without a doubt, this was a gift and vision from God, because well…..I’m just not smart enough to come up with such a amazing tool on my own……..Virtual Honeymoon was born!!!!!
Couples can now “Virtually Experience” their Honeymoon before they book, and in addition, by working with a Virtual Honeymoon Designer, they will get their perfect Resort and the V.I.P. Perks they deserve!!!!!!!
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Virtual Honeymoon - Couple resting on the beach
“Virtual Honeymoons is so thankful for this visionary gift that we give back 10% to each Honeymoon Destination we book out of our personal funds, in support of our hard working missionaries.”

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