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Bali is known as the Island of the Gods, truly a dream island paradise, with luminous green rice paddies that stretch for miles; monkeys that run amok at ancient temples; live volcanoes that dominate the landscape. Beautiful, untamed surf beaches to a unique blend of modern facilities combined with wonderful rich cultural heritage. Bali is truly ideal tropical destination has beautiful beaches, an exotic interior complete with a live volcano and rice paddies plus extremely friendly people make this an unforgettable place. Perfect for Honeymoons and Destination Weddings!                                   Beautiful BaliRecommended highlights:

  • Bali’s Pura Besakih- A temple that dates back originally to the 10th century and stands high on the volcanic slopes of Gunung Agung. Nowadays, it is a massive complex of more than 30 temples, and the setting for great ceremonial splendor on festival days.
  • Ujong Kulon National Park- Paddle in a dugout canoe through the untouched wilderness, isolated at the extreme south western tip of Java in search of the elusive Java rhino.
  • Sea Temple of Tanah- One of the most breathtaking sights of Bali. Jutting from a rock formation into the sea, legend has it that sea snakes guard the temple from evil intruders and demons.
  • Krakatoa- Take a boat trip to view Krakotoa, located between Java and Sumatra. Dormant volcanoes include Gunung Agung in Bali, Gunung Rinjani on Lombok island and Keli Mutu on Nusa Tenggara Barat, which has lakes with different colored waters.
  • Pasir Timbul– Imagine a beach that only exists for a few hours a day! Technically, these are sand patches that emerge out of the ocean when the tide is low. Different sandbars connect these patches and the result is spectacular. Thankfully, this spot is not on any top 10 beaches of the world lists and was empty when we visited it.
  • Pianemo- The most popular spot in Raja Ampat and is used as a cover image for many travel brochures. The viewpoint, in reality, is much better than the pictures, especially if you visit it when the sky is clear.

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Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is the “Heart” of Hawaii with its timeless beauty blended with today’s modern luxuries. The third largest Hawaiian island is home to a diverse population and the contrast between the ancient and the modern that makes discovering historic Oahu so enjoyable.Oahu, Hawaii - Paddling a canoe off Waikiki beach

Some of our favorite areas to see:
*Waikiki– is a beachfront neighborhood of Honolulu, on the south shore of the island of Oahu, best known for famous Waikiki Beach, the white sand beach shoreline fronting the beach with some amazing resorts and award winning restaurants, this is the place to be in Oahu!
*Diamond Head– Formed more than 100,000 years ago, a popular hiking spot with panoramic views of Waikiki and Oahu’s south shore
*Pearl Harbour– National Historical Landmark features five historic sites memorializing the December 7, 1941 attack…..”I personally visited on their anniversary, met some survivors and literally left a piece of my heart there!Oahu, Hawaii - Pearl Harbour*North Shore– During the winter months, this legendary surf mecca attracts the best surfers in the world.
*Polynesian Cultural Center- A “must see” Hawaiian attraction, interact with the people from the South Pacific Islands, experience a canoe pageant and authentic Luau.
*International Market Place– “Famous shopping” features over 130 carts, shops and artisan stands in an open-air setting under the banyan trees in the heart of Waikiki.
*Beautiful Beaches- “World famous Waikiki” was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty. Known in Hawaiian as “spouting waters, best area for learning to surf. Turtle Bay is protected from large waves and surf, this beach, located on Oahu’s northeastern tip, great place to snorkel.
Oahu, Mexico - Surfer - Oahu's North Shore.

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